Meredith Darling

Senior Global CRM Manager

13 years in marketing
10 years in email marketing


KEY: Lifecycle Campaigns

Here are snapshots of some of the email lifecycles I built for KEY. There were two main parts based on the traveler’s status: lead or opportunity. Flowcharts include multiple lines of business and tests.


A lead was a traveler that hadn’t created an itinerary/account with us yet. Here I had to account for different lines of business, several testing initiatives, and special requests from our property manager partners.

The email content was 100% dynamic (rom name, from address, hero image, body copy, imagery, links, etc.) based on line of business, testing slice, property manager, and travel dates and location.


Once an itinerary was created the traveler became an opportunity. This lifecycle was trigger based. Decision splits here asked:

  • How far away is their trip?
  • When was the last time they spoke to a concierge?
  • Did they favorite a service?
  • Did they add a service to their cart?
  • Do we have a CC on file?

I also built out common triggers like account creation, password reset, receipts, etc.