Meredith Darling

Senior Global CRM Manager

13 years in marketing
10 years in email marketing


Vrbo: Acquisition Test

This is was a test I did on the first touchpoint in Vrbo’s supply acquisition lifecycle email series. The left “postcard” was sent immediately to potential partners (homeowners) after expressing interest in listing with Vrbo. My hypothesis was that those in this stage need more information on the process of listing their property. How? Why? When? Taxes? Etc.

I wanted to test providing more content to this group. While this wasn’t the the cleanest A/B test, it pointed me in a direction for further optimization.

The results: The variant (on the right) resulted in a new listing conversion lift of 149.3% or over a $2M in incremental booked revenue, subtracting marketing costs. It also showed that the second most popular link was the FAQs button (which didn’t exist in the control), receiving 23% of the clicks.