Email Template


  • Goorin Bros.

I love building email templates! At Goorin Bros., the template went through a few iterations, each new one adding more personalization.

  • Photo 1: The full template.
  • Photo 2: Top banner that promoted the SMS program. If they had already opted in for SMS, the banner would display their most recently visited category.
  • Photo 3: If there were items in their cart, the cart number would display (mimicking the website).
  • Photo 4: Should the recipient have an active affiliate code, a banner would display reminding them of their code and rewards program.
  • Photo 5: Rendered by device, the image would differ between Google Play and Apple's App Store. The link was powered by Appsflyer to link to the correct store.
  • Photo 6: If they were near a retail store location, it would display here. First it was based by profile location, then by IP address.

These updates resulted in $60K incremental revenue for 2022.