Meredith Darling

Meredith Darling headshot


I have a passion for guiding the strategic direction to unlock customer-centric strategies and streamline the customer journey across email, SMS, push, and on-app/site. I have earned recognition for driving transformational change and measurable ROI by integrating analytics, processes, technologies, and campaigns.

What I Do

Lifecycle Programs

I specialize in building wholistic, complex CRM lifecycle programs for email, push, in-app messaging, and SMS that are personal to the user's behavioral and psychographic data.

LTV + Retention

Being customer obsessed, I am constantly evaluating and mapping the customer experience. My passion for building brand loyalty begins with a deep understanding of WHY.


DATA! This is where the magic begins. I am a data nerd and love to jump in to complicated data sets to find those unique insights that lead to major program growth.

Optimization + Testing

A strong program requires constant improvement through A/B, RTO, and multivariate testing. I approach testing with a goal in mind followed by a deep dive into available data and feedback. Once a hypothesis is formed, I identify objectives, risks, affected teams, and milestones.

Omnichannel Focused

The best programs aren't built in silos, I am an advocate for cross-team collaboration, transparency, and alignment.

Transactional Communication

Consistency is key in building trust. Transactional messaging is not to be overlooked in a marketing program. I'm dedicated to identifying and harmonizing all touchpoints, no matter how seemingly small they may seem.