Goorin Drops App

The background: Fresh Friday is a weekly product launch program where we would drop anywhere from 500-1,000 units of a unique, and often controversial, trucker hat designs every Friday at 12pm PT.

The problem: After launching the Fresh Friday program via SMS (see more here), customer feedback was less than stellar. While overall the program was a vast success, with rapid sell-outs and increasing opt-ins WoW, shoppers who missed out on snagging the product were less than entrhalled and very vocal about it.


SMS, while an easy and profitable channel, it is not without its shortcomings. Depending on their carrier, customers would receive the launch SMS anywhere from right on the dot at 12pm to five minutes later - after the drop had already sold out.

The solution: Despite the business success, leaving loyal shoppers unhappy weeks on end made it somewhat of a failure. After considering the options, such as more education or a permanent drop URL, the clear answer was a dedicated drops app. The app removed the friction of waiting for your cell carrier to deliver the product link. Push notifications were delivered at the same time to everyone.

The results:

  • Captured 75% of drop sales within first 2 weeks
  • Installs after4 months: 36.5K
  • Revenue after 4 months: $2.2M (17% of all eCommerce net revenue)
  • 2.3K daily active users
  • 40% repurchase rate
  • ✓ Easier, faster way to shop drops

Soon Fresh Friday drops were exclusive to app users. App users also got early release of semi-limited capsules (collections of 4-6 hats of a set theme).

Images provided are examples of an app "re-skin" for a capsule launch and an example push notification.

  • Goorin Bros.