Welcome Mapping

The purpose: Welcome uCTR was beginning to decline. I wanted to see if users who signed-up through different entry points behaved differently.

The strategy:

  • I mapped out all the subscription entry points, the lists they join, and the comms they receive.
  • Then I compared the behaviors of subscribers from different entry points against each other.
  • I looked at engagement, focusing on popular content and dropoff points. This research included working with Social and eCommerce teams to identify their top content.
  • Finally, I compared what products subscribers were purchasing against total new customer eCommerce purchases.

It was clear that in some cases we over-complicated and over-communicated things. The lifecycle needed a refresh to focus on top-performing content and a narrow focus on our core products.

I did this through efforts such as:

  • Dynamic, behavioral-based content
  • Name and brand personalization
  • Targeting channel preference
  • Design optimization

The results: I was able to make significant impacts on the Welcome lifecycle (email and SMS) performance. Combined results 2022 vs. 2021.

  • 37% increase in last click revenue
  • 31.4% increase in click conversion
  • 24.2% increase in unique click through rate

  • Goorin Bros.